About Me

Hi everyone and welcome to my new P.H.A.T Girl Diaries blog! Whether you’re here on purpose or by accident, thanks for stopping by. So a little bit about me:

* First and foremost I’m a Christian. I absolutely love God and my faith is what keeps me going!!

* I love Nandos, Supermalt, Lemar and animated movies!

* Lastly, I love making people smile – whether it’s coming up with new songs for my Nigerian comedy act or coming up with a really rubbish joke, I love trying to inject happiness into people’s lives

What is P.H.A.T Girl Diaries?
The purpose of this blog is to give a real life account of my weight loss journey, ups and downs, tips, tricks plus recipes and encouragement.

Looking forward to going on this journey with you all!

Much love

Emma xx