I should be happy, but I’m not…

I recently completed the first 4 weeks of a 16 week exercise routine. The main aim of the first 4 weeks is to introduce me to the exercises and slowly build upon the frequency and intensity week on week.

As I progressed with each routine, I did find it difficult but made sure to finish each workout even if it took me slightly longer. I began to notice some changes ie fitting into a smaller pair of jeans, a tighter stomach, loss of my “table” at my lower back and loss of fat at top of my inner thighs. I was beyond excited at the changes happening and expectant that when I stepped on the scale, the number would be reflective of the progress I’d made.

At the end of the 4 week stint, I took some progress photos and was slightly disappointed that the photos didn’t show me the progress I felt. I thought the scales should tell a different story…“How wrong was I?”

On the plus side, the scales showed I’d lost just over 1kg for the month, my first thought was “Is that all? That doesn’t seem like much 😕. I decided to convert to pounds to see if the number would be bigger…..big mistake.

There’s a part of me thinking, “Emma, what is wrong with you? You’re losing weight, you’ve consistently worked out for 5 days a week for a month, why aren’t you happy?” I think it’s because I expected larger numbers to confirm the progress I’d been making, but I know I can’t always rely on that.

As I enter week 5 of my 16 week programme, I need to put this behind me and keep focused on the wins I have already. I’ve always struggled with being patient, this workout programme journey is probably one of the biggest tests of patience for me. Here’s hoping I see it through to the end.

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